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Formación, capacitación y divulgación en GBIF España

Training and educational activities have a preponderant role among the wide range of activities organized within the GBIF framework, in order to achieve the maximum profit from this kind of international facilities. Outreach is also one of its cornerstones, increasing the number of members of the GBIF community, the impact of its activities, and the cost-effectiveness of the work faced by so many people in this global effort.


GBIF Spain workshops imagesOutreach

The Coordination Unit of GBIF Spain participates in scientific symposia, conferences and meetings of groups related to the biodiversity scene in Spain, spreading not only the GBIF initiative but also news about other national and international biodiversity related projects.

Training and Capacity Building

Different workshops, courses, and seminars are planned all over the year where GBIF related groups are trained to obtain benefits from the opportunities offered by GBIF:

Data providers are trained in the use of data recording and digitizing tools and informed about data quality issues, standards and the latest technologies in biodiversity informatics. They are also reported on important work areas of GBIF like intellectual property rights or data-sharing with countries of origin.

Data users are instructed about the possibilities of a network such as GBIF, about data access portals and the services offered there, and about the tools available to analyze and exploit data. Other interesting fields are also referred, like adequate acknowledment to the different data sources.

The Coordination Unit of the Spanish GBIF Node has implemented its own Electronic Learning System, through which virtual workshops have been conducted since 2010.


The video section of the Coordination Unit of GBIF Spain is conceived with the aim of increasing the impact of the events it organises or collaborates.

The most popular sessions from workshops, courses and seminars organised by GBIF.ES are recorded in video and are made available either for downloading or streaming.

This sections also offers the possibility to watch some videos in hight quality through the CIENCIATK channel, that belongs to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). It aims to spread the scientific activity among the citizens. The link to the Cienciatk can be recognized by the following icon: cienciatk

If you want to obtain detailed information about the training and outreach activities organised by GBIF Spain, please click on the following link:

You can also check the annual training plan for the current year:


GBIF Secretariat in Copenhagen organizes frequent workshops, symposia and scientific meetings about biodiversity informatics and GBIF related subjects. Please visit the communication portal of GBIF ( to access further information about training in the GBIF Network and other events. Please find below a list of upcoming international events and opportunities that are relevant to GBIF in the next 6 months:

RSS en GBIF.ESKeep yourself updated on the upcoming GBIF International training events through the RSS feed.


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