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You will find here EVERY piece of news collected in the news archive of GBIF.ES.

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June the 24th, 2013
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Workshop on software tools for biological collections - Bogotá (Colombia)

This workshop was organized by the Natural Sciences Institute of the Universidad Nacional in Colombia, together with the Biodiversity Information System (SIB). The objective of this theoretical and practical workshop was to create and strengthen technical capacity to digitize and manage natural history collections in Colombia. The workshop will tackle practical criteria and simple procedures that will allow collections to take informed decisions in the selection process of a digitization tool. Francisco Pando and Katia Cezón from GBIF Spain were the main instructors for the digitization tools Herbar and Zoorbar. Presentations and other materials are available at: More information...
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June the 6th, 2013
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1st Spanish data paper published

As a result of the last GBIF Workshop on Data Papers  the first paper has already been published. Antonio Torralba-Burrial and Francisco Ocharan, responsibles for BOS-Odo collection (Biology of Organisms and Systems Department, University of Oviedo), have published Iberian Odonata distribution: data of the BOS Arthropod Collection in Zookeys journal. The workshop, held in Madrid from 19 to 21 March 2013, was intended to promote the transformation of the descriptions of the biodiversity data (metadata) into data papers using GBIF tools. Currently, other data papers are in the process of being published: 3 have been sent to Pensoft journals and are waiting to be reviewed and 7 will be submitted before summer. More information...
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May the 16th, 2013
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GBIF enables global study of climate impact on species

Climate change could dramatically reduce the geographic ranges of thousands of common plant and animal species during this century, according to research using data made freely available online through GBIF. Research published in the jornal Nature Climate Change looked at nearly 50,000 globally widespread and common species and found that more than half of the plants and over a third of animal species could lose more than half of their climatic range by 2080 if nothing is done to limit greenhouse gas emissions. More information...
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May the 10th, 2013
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I3B Workshop on biodiversity information for environmental conservation

The Iberoamerican Infrastructure for Biodiversity Information, I3B, has accomplished the second of its four regional training and experience exchange activities planned (see the results of the first activity here). This workshop on Biodiversity information for environmental conservation was co-organized by the INBio, CRBio, CONABIO and the Spanish GBIF Node and gathered 31 participants from 9 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Spain) at La Selva Biological Station – OTS in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí (Costa Rica) from April 15 to 19. The objective of this theoretical and practical workshop was to strengthen regional capacity in Latin America to use data and information technologies to support biodiversity management decisions. An additional objective was to contribute to the enhancement of global biodiversity data platforms such as GBIF already existing in Latin America. All resources used during the training sessions can be downloaded from its web page and videos will be available soon. This workshop was sponsored by CYTED that is a member of GBIF. Permalink Permalink

May the 8th, 2013
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Andorra, Voting Participant of GBIF

Andorra has decided to change from being an Associate Country Participat to become a Voting Participant since April the 19, 2013. Andorra has been collaborating with GBIF since 2005 through a project called CENMA (Centre d'Estudis de la Neu i de la Muntanya d'Andorra) that has over 90,000 entries on Andorran biodiversity. The CENMA is part of the Institut d'Estudis Andorrans that is the National Node of GBIF.

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April the 18th, 2013
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GBIF Workshop on Using, Managing and Publishing Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Data

This workshop aims to address both conceptual and practical aspects of informatics aimed to record, publish and exchange environmental data. Some topics that will be included are: standars designed to exchange information about biodiversity; databases concepts and digital informationmanagement; and useful tools, methodologies and references in data management. It will take place in June 4-5, 2013 in the computing facility of The Royal Botanical Garden (CSIC). Subscription forms must be submitted to before May the 10th, 2013. More information...
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