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You will find here EVERY piece of news collected in the news archive of GBIF.ES.

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August the 2nd, 2013
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Current situation of the Spanish GBIF Node

Three weeks ago, we informed about the complicated situation we, the Coordination Unit, were going through as a consequence of the economic difficulties that CSIC is experiencing.  We would like to thank you all the support and affection that we have received so far. That encourages us to keep working to fulfill the objectives of GBIF: publishing data to make the best science, management, and conservation.

During these days, the worst forecasts about the future of GBIF.ES have cleared up, so we can make certain that the staff of the Coordination Unit will keep working with normality –as in the first half of the year. Some of the expenses for the next two months will keep restricted though, but we hope we can reach the usual work pace afterwards. Therefore, we can guarantee the continuity of the services we usually support –data publication, software development, training, user support etc.

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July the 11th, 2013
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E-Learning Course on Data Papers

The online course ‘From data publication to scientific papers publication (data papers)’ (in Spanish), addressed specially to scientist and professionals related to collections as well as administrators that produce and compile biodiversity data in order to share that information and/or improve their scientific career, is already available. The specific objective of this course is that each participant make their own data and metadata into ‘data papers’ ready for publication using the GBIF IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit) tool. This is a free access and self-guided course: tests get scored automatically, there are no support instructors nor selection process, and it can be performed at any time. To access the course go to: and register. Permalink Permalink

July the 8th, 2013
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GBIF Mentoring Programme 2013: project approved

The Mentoring GBIF Project between France, Portugal, and Spain has been approved ( The node partners involved have identified complementary weaknesses and strengths. The aim of this mentoring is to enhance capacities in the following areas:
  • Data visualization
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Training & e-learning
  • Data quality tools and procedures
  • Persistent Identifiers
  • Data paper procedures
The first of this activities is planned for Outumn 2013. Permalink Permalink

July the 4th, 2013
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New I3B Forum Released (bioinformatics, Ibero-America)

The I3B Forum is already active. This forum has been created as a communication platform to either discuss, promote, and develop Biodiversity Informatics related topics. The scope of the forum is to promote the exchange of experiences between people and Institutions from Ibero-America. Several threads have been opened already. Therefore, we encourage you to participate sharing questions and issues, so we make the forum an useful tool for our work. To access the I3B Forum please visit the I3B website or go directly to You can register as a new user here. Permalink Permalink

July the 4th, 2013
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DARWIN TEST 3.3 released

The newest version of Darwin Test is now available for download. Darwin Test is a software application to validate and check Darwin Core 1.2, Darwin Core 1.4 and Darwin Core Archive files.

Validation, data correction, ICA (Apparent Quality Index) calculation, and coordinate generalization of Darwin Core Archives are among the novelties and improvements of the newest Darwin Test version. Furthermore, the metadata form has been modified according to the terms used by the Integrated Publishing Toolkit developed by GBIF. Also, the direct export of the eml file containing the collection metadata is now allowed. In addition, the coordinate conversion function has been debugged. More information...
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June 28th, 2013
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A new stage for GBIF Portugal

The Portuguese Node of GBIF begins a new era full of activity. They have recently released the new portal in bilingual version (Portuguese / English). This release occurred simultaneously with the attribution to the Portuguese researcher Miguel Araújo of the prestigious Ebbe Nielsen 2013 by GBIF. GBIF Portugal is also implementing a training schedule. The next Workshop on Publishing Data Using the IPT will be held in Lisbon, 11-12 July 2013. Inscriptions must be submitted before July the 9th to
We wish them the best in this journey and we would like to offer them all the collaboration they may need. Permalink Permalink

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For more information on news outside Spain and the Iberian Penninsula, please visit the web sites of the international GBIF portal for upcoming news.

If you know any other national or international news that should be included in these pages, please, contact the Coordination Unit of GBIF Spain.


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