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A database application for biodiversity projects management: taxa level information, nomenclature, literature and specimen management --reference lists, key-words, nomenclature, iconography, check-lists, specimen-lists, herbarium labels-.
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The basic distribution of the application includes:

A.- 3 databases:

  • BIBMASTER.MDB, wich contains all the forms and the programming. (This is the file to replace when the program is updated).
  • BIMCONFIG.MDB, contains the configuration of Bibmaster. It is possible to rename it and place it wherever is wanted (See installation).
  • JUEGO0.MDB, Empty dataset that is used as template for new datasets. It is a standard MS-Access© database file with all the requiered tables for the operation of Bibmaster (table of names, bibliographical references, abbreviations, key words, etc.)

B.- Several MS-Word© documents used for outputs.

C.- An ENDNOTE template.

Example Dataset

An example dataset is included in one of the distributions, to check software characteristics. It contains information about Geum (Rosaceae) genus, including several kinds of data: taxonomical, nomenclatural, corological, authors, images,... It includes a MS-Access© database and an image folder.



This is the most recent version (16/04/10).

*Usual problems with MS Office when installing the application for the first time.

Download the latest version: Bibmaster 3.7
User manual Bibmaster 3.7 in Spanish (.pdf; 1,7 Mb)


3.5.9 version
Download the complete version: Bibmaster 3.5.9
User manual Bibmaster 3.5.9 in Spanish (.pdf; 1,4 Mb)


2.8 beta 2 version

It includes several improvements, affecting operation and stability. Among them, the taxa-level data management stands out.

Important Notice: This software is published as a beta version, in order to evaluate it. Please remember that, even if its considered a stable application, it may not contain all its functionalities or even not work properly. This software is provided "as is". The Coordination Unit of GBIF Spain accept no responsability of any damage produced or derived of this software use. Downloading this software, you accept this responsability exemption.

All the components are distributed together in a ZIP file. The beta version is only available for MS Office XP©.

Download the complete version: Bibmaster 2.8 Beta 2. Office XP
Complete version for users including Geum example dataset (.zip; 20,7 Mb)
User manual Bibmaster 2.8 Beta 2 in Spanish (.pdf; 1,1 Mb). 11/10/2007


   2.0 k version

Last final version published. It lacks the latest characteristics included in BIBMASTER. To enjoy these improvements, please download the 2.8 beta version.

Descarga de la versión completa: Bibmaster 2.0k
Geum example dataset (.zip; 858 Kb)
   Other BIBMASTER related downloads

Short introduction to BIBMASTER features.
BarCode 39 Font
(ZIP - 4 Kb)
True Type Font to produce labels in BIBMASTER 03-11-2005


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