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A database application for biodiversity projects management: taxa level information, nomenclature, literature and specimen management --reference lists, key-words, nomenclature, iconography, check-lists, specimen-lists, herbarium labels-.
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is a database application to manage biodiversity projects. It's designed to make easier the compilation and management of taxa-level, specimen-level, nomenclatural and bibliographic information. It also provides the means to produce specimen and microscopic preparations labels, bibliographic lists, reports and so on.

BIBMASTER stands as a complete management system, whose usefullness is supported by important taxonomic projects in the Iberian Peninsula, like Flora iberica, Flora Mycologica Iberica and other important projects and publications. Although BIBMASTER was originally developed in the framework of botanical projects, nowadays, thanks to its flexible attribute system, can manage any kind of biodiversity projects.

BIBMASTER Team is working hard in the application development, adding new functionalities and performing code debugging, thanks to BIBMASTER users support. Please, visit our download page frequently to check for new versions and utilities.

BIBMASTER is developed and supported by the Coordination Unit of the Spanish GBIF national node. 

   Aplication main characteristics

Data Management

  • Complete management system for biodiversity projects.
  • Allow literature references management; including key-words and thesaurus.
  • Management of taxa-level information (common names, descriptions, distributions,...)
  • Abbreviations control for publications and author names, with query system.
  • B-P-H and TL-2 abbreviations.
  • Automatic author standard form checking.
  • Centralized name management. names are available via drop-lists.
  • Fast data entry: error detection routines included. Automatic detection of nomenclatural inconsistencies.
  • Specimen-level data: distribution, ecology, collectors,... like old ETIMATIC aplication.
  • Hybrid management, even for those without binomials.
  • Import/export data from other colection management software ( Zoorbar and Herbar) as well as the Darwin Core table.


  • Reports with taxa-level information: taxonomy and nomenclature, descriptions, identification keys, distribution, images, corology,... with pre-generated indexes.
  • Several kinds of referrence lists: alphabetical, by library codes, with keywords,... fully formated and indexed.
  • Name lists: hierarchical, alphabetical, by publications.
  • Check-lists.
  • Specimen lists.
  • Specimen labels (with bar code system), microscopic preparation labels and record notebooks.
  • Control report for images and links.

Technical details

  • Relational design.
  • Author Abbreviations and taxon names controlled.
  • Minimum use of artificial keys, which greatly facilitates database merging.
  • Flexible implementation. It is possible to manage several projects with a variable degree of data overlapping.  Please, check documentation section in the download zone.
  • Fully menu driven.
  • Part of an comprehensive biodiversity information system.
  • Multi-lingual support. Currently available in English and Spanish. Other languages can be easily added.



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