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Funding for Spanish Projects
Funding for International Projects by GBIF Secretariat
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 Funding for Spanish projects

 Ayudas del Programa Nacional de Internacionalización de la I+D


Call for submissions: closed

This information is only available in Spanish at

Find further information (in Spanish) about these calls at:

 Scientific Complementary Actions from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation


Call for submissions: closed

Since 2003 the Spanish Government has shown a clear support for contributions to GBIF goals and in November the 30th has issued the 2008 Call for 'Complementary Scientific Actions' included in the 2008-2011 I+D+I National Plan of the Education and Science National Department (official text, in Spanish).

* Projects oriented to implement data to the GBIF network must apply for support to the new 'Ayudas de Internacionalización' (see above).


 Funding for projects from the GBIF secretariat

 Seed Money from GBIF Secretariat

GBIF seed money

Call for submissions: closed

The Seed Money Awards from the International Secretariat of GBIF are a mechanism to facilitate the initiation of international collaborative projects and activities which foster the development of data contents for the GBIF Network. Specifically, those in response to data needs associated with clearly identified global biodiversity issues. The mobilization of data content that has the potential to serve multiple purposes is highly encouraged. Components such as the evaluation and use promotion of the new GBIF Data Portal ( will also be a benefit: datasets covering data gaps, new ways to address specific problems, etc.

Proposed projects can target either occurrence data that fall within the GBIF DIGIT Programme, taxonomic check-lists content that falls under the auspices of ECAT programme, or both.

Successful projects will be assigned funds that can reach 50.000 EUR per project. The maximum duration is 18 months, but completion prior to the end of 2008 is desirable.

Projects that link the proposed content to one issue that is important to sustainability will be promoted. Examples of such issues include (but are not limited to):

More information about previous Seed Money awards calls...

 Campaings from GBIF Secretariat

Logo GBIF Campaigns

Call for submissions: closed

Campaigns are an important new instrument for GBIF to achieve extended societal and scientific benefits with biodiversity data, and go beyond what the GBIF work programme and budget can reach.

According to its Strategic Plan, GBIF during 2007-2011 will conduct campaigns that bring together data users, data providers and funders to work together and design projects that synergistically serve everyone. A GBIF Campaign is a project, or set of projects, that bring together a range of collaborators with a goal of developing a specific product that meet the needs of a well-defined user group. This product will be taxonomically, thematically, and/or geographically focused.

GBIF does not fund Campaigns from the Work Programme budget, except for limited costs necessary for the earliest stages of their initiation. For all other expenses, the Campaigns must raise sufficient funding.

Other Projects

Other funding opportunities are available for biodiversity projects.
  European SYNTHESYS project

Synthesys Logo

Call for submissions:closed

The second Call for Proposals under the VI European Framework Programme of the European SYNTHESYS project is open. SYNTHESYS project funding is available to provide access to research participant institutions and to strengthen its networking facilities. In Spain, the National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC) and the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid (CSIC) are participating institutions.

Find out more about the Access programme at ...

 Research Networking Programmes of the European Science Foundation

ESF Logo

The European Science Foundation is a 75 member research association from 30 European countries. EFS core's purpose is to promote high quality science at a European level.

Each year, the European Science Foundation (ESF) announces a series of calls for proposals which will give the opportunity to propose collaborative research projects and networking activities with a European dimension.

The calls span all fields of science through four main funding instruments, covering all types of scientific activities, from basic research and frontier science to networking and dissemination. Information about submitting proposals can be found at:

       BBVA Foundation

BBVA Foundation Logo

Call for submissions: closed

The BBVA Foundation (Fundación BBVA) has published its fourth Call for Grants in Ecology and Conservation Biology Research (2006). Up to 12 research projects will be funded, with a maximum budget of 200.000 EUR each. Grants will be assigned to excellence research projects in conservation biology and ecology that imply transnational cooperation, especially with Latin America, with a multidisciplinary approach to the problems of this area.

These projects must be submitted by research groups whose main researcher is attached to a university or research group located in Spain.

The deadline for applications is January 31st, 2007. Rules and application forms are available in the projects section of the BBVA Foundation web site.

More information...

   INCONET Project

Inconet Logo

Call for submissions: closed

INCONET Project for coordination of cooperation international programs in science and technology between the European Union and Latin America is over.

It was a Specific Support Action of the European Commission within ERA-NET programme of national research activities coordination within VI Framework Programme. INCONET participants collaborate in the multilateral regional program CYTED (Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo) that implies 2750 research groups in 19 Latin American countries. The Spanish Education and Science Ministry manages the National Program of International cooperation in Science and Technology funding grants, complementary actions, networks, and Spanish participation in international programs and organisms in Science and Technology.

More information (in Spanish)...

Fundación Biodiversidad

Call for submissions: closed

Fundación Biodiversidad is a non profit organisation established in December the 26th, 2002. Among all its activities we can highlight the scientific research, publications and all kind of activirties related to biodiversity, nature and environment, including cultural, socioeconomic, legal and educational aspects.

More information related to their calls:


Funding of the national GBIF nodes

The GBIF Secretariat in Copenhagen is funded by the annual financial contribution of the (voting) GBIF members.

The Spanish Coordination Unit depends directly on the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


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