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The Global Biodiversity Facility GBIF is an inter-governmental organization borned in 2001 that currently comprises 53 governments and 43 international organizations. GBIF is a network of national nodes with an international mandate settled in Copenhagen. The main goal of GBIF is to provide free and open online access to global biodiversity data supporting at the same time scientific research, conservation and sustainable development. More information...

November 15th, 2017
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GBIF speaks spanish: divulgative videos about the Global Biodiversity Information Facilities

The GBIF national nodes of Colombia (SiB Colombia, and Spain (GBIF.ES, have jointly produced new learning videos to promote the participation of the Spanish-speaking community in GBIF. This project is part of the Capacity Enhancement Support Programme (CESP) developed by GBIF ( whose aim is to facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration at regional and global levels.

A promotional animated video about GBIF is the center piece of the project and and it highlights the importance of sharing data through GBIF. Furthermore, four video capsules were also produced interviewing GBIF users in Colombia and Spain. The topics handled were: publication process through SiB Colombia, managing natural history collections with Elisya, experiences creating data papers and experiences of using data published trough GBIF. To know all details about this project you can visit the following link:, where you can see the videos, download the materials from the toolkit and learn more about the process of creation.

The project was premiered at the last GBIF Governing Board, held in October 2017 in Helsinki, where it received wide acclaim. Thanks to the collaboration of the GBIF community, the promotional video has been translated to English, Portuguese, French and Chinese.

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October 23th, 2017
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Learning materials from GBIF.ES Workshop on Natusfera now available

The materials from last GBIF.ES Workshop “Record and Manage Your Nature Observations Using Natusfera” held in October 5th, 2017 at the Royal Botanic Garden of Madrid (CSIC) are now available. A set of presentations trained by staff members of the Coordination Unit of GBIF.ES and instructors from others institutions/projects such as CREAF, SEO/BirdLife, (RJB - SOS Polinizadores) and Zerynthia association can now be accessed over the GBIF Spain website. Videos of the sessions will be avalilable soon.

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September 21st, 2017
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Nora Escribano becomes first Spaniard to win GBIF Young Researchers Award

Nora Escribano, a Ph.D candidate at the University of Navarra (UNAV), has been named as one of two recipients of the 2017 GBIF Young Researchers Award. Escribano and her co-recipient, Brazilian graduate student Itanna Oliveira, will each receive a €5,000 prize and recognition at GBIF’s 24th governing board in Helsinki on 26 Sept 2017. This year’s award specifically called for the mobilization and publication of exemplary sampling-event datasets from ecological research. Escribano’s submission comprises a portion of the dataset flowing from the Hydrographical Confederation of the Ebro, a network originally established to fulfill the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive. In GBIF Spain are very proud of Nora and feel very attached to her work. Her research represents the next in a long series of collaborations between the University of Navarra Museum of Zoology and GBIF Spain, as MZNA representatives have actively supported the activities of GBIF Spain and shared data through GBIF for many years.

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September 18th, 2017
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GBIF.ES Workshop: "Use and Management of GBIF Biodiversity Data Portals"

Subscription period is now open for the GBIF.ES Workshop: Use and Management of GBIF Biodiversity Data Portals that will take place in November 7-8, 2017 in the computing facility of the Royal Botanic Garden (CSIC) of Madrid from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This theoretical-practical workshop was designed following the launch in August 2017 of the new GBIF international data portal ( The first day of the workshop will be focused to explore the new features of the new website. This part will be conducted by GBIF Secretariat staff. During the second day we will show how to use the National Data Portal of GBIF.ES ( based on ALA technology (

The subscription form is available online and must be submitted before October the 6th.

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