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The Global Biodiversity Facility GBIF is an inter-governmental organization borned in 2001 that currently comprises 53 governments and 43 international organizations. GBIF is a network of national nodes with an international mandate settled in Copenhagen. The main goal of GBIF is to provide free and open online access to global biodiversity data supporting at the same time scientific research, conservation and sustainable development. More information...

January the 28th, 2015
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Launch of the new GBIF.ES national data portal: hubs for centres and projects

The new GBIF.ES national data portal provides the possibility to create specific data pages for centers and projects (so-called hubs) within their own websites, where data can be searched, a map is displayed with their georeferenced records, statistics about the information shared within GBIF are shown, etc. We do not have an example of any Spanish institution that has already implemented this functionality, but we expect to show it at the next workshop in February the 4th and/or select centers/projects interested in integrating this option. In the Australian context you can check the AVH (Australian Virtual Herbarium) example:

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January the 26th, 2015
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Research use stats by GBIF

According to the latest stats published by the GBIF Seretariat, Spain was the second country in the world in publishing research papers citing use of GBIF-mediated data during 2014. You can access this and other relevant information at 

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January the 23rd, 2015
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Launch of the new GBIF.ES national data portal: georeferenced and no georeferenced data (7/9)

We should keep in mind that GBIF not only shares data with coordinates. A large number of records that are not georeferenced are also available for download via the data portal. For example: if a user search what information is available on Lactarius deliciosus, the portal displays on the map 94 records with coordinates in the Iberian Peninsula. However, the total number of records that match the user's search is 330 which can be all downloaded. Watch the following video.

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January 21st, 2015
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E-Learning Workshop on Biodiversity Databases and GenBank

Subscription period is now open for the upcoming Online Workshop on Biodiversity Databases and GenBank that will take place in March 11-25, 2015. The importance of collection specimens as a pillar of the scientific methodogy in biodiversity studies is becoming increasingly recognized and accepted. This is an opportunity for natural history collections if -when publishing their data- they include links to GenBank, and make GenBank repositories link their sequences to the corresponding voucher specimens in the collection databases. This workshop focuses on how to make these linkages in a practical way. Subscription forms must be submitted to before February the 16th, 2015.

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