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The Global Biodiversity Facility GBIF is an inter-governmental organization borned in 2001 that currently comprises 53 governments and 43 international organizations. GBIF is a network of national nodes with an international mandate settled in Copenhagen. The main goal of GBIF is to provide free and open online access to global biodiversity data supporting at the same time scientific research, conservation and sustainable development. More information...

February the 4th, 2016
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CoopBioPlat project: international cooperation to develop biodiversity data portals (video)

During the second meeting of the CoopBioPlat working group held at the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid in October 2015, some interviews were recorded with the participants: software developers from the GBIF nodes in Argentina, Brazil, France, Portugal, Spain and Australia. The final video is already available at and it highlights the relevance of this kind of collaborative work for GBIF members.  

This project, funded by the European Commission and lidered by GBIF Spain, aims to promote institutional and technical cooperation on building biodiversity national data portals based on Atlas of Living Australia (ALA). Spain was the first node that launched its data portal based on ALA (, november 2014) and others are already developed: Brazil (, Scotland ( and France (; and more will be ready soon (Argentina, Belgium, Costa Rica, Portugal).

More info about CoopBioPlat project at:;
More info about international cooperation around ALA at:
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February the 2nd, 2016
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Open call: Workshop on Ecological Niche Modelling

The Coordination Unit of the Spanish GBIF Node organises the twelfth Workshop on Ecological Niche Modelling. The basic concepts needed to understand and perform biological data analysis through modelling are studied in this practical workshop, together with diverse software commonly used in this field, as R (Dismo) or MaxEnt. This workshop will be given by Blas M. Benito (University of Aarhus, Denmark) and will take place during the period 29 March - 1 April 2016, in the computing facility of The Royal Botanical Garden (CSIC). Subscription forms must be submitted before February the 26th, 2016.

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February the 1st, 2016
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11.5 million Spanish biodiversity records in GBIF

Several biodiversity databases have been recently added or updated to GBIF.ES: aquatic wintering bird census from the Basque Government with 9,836 records, data base of bird ring-recovery data from the Aranzadi Sciences Society with 558,827 records, Vascular Plants herbarium of the Natural History Museum of Alava with 86,833 records, database of Flora Mycologica Iberica project (Real Jardín Botánico - CSIC) with 54,138 records, MCNB-Malac (34,586) and MCNB-ZG (1,693) collections of the Natural History Museum of Barcelona and the bryophytes database of the Biodiversity databank of Catalonia. As a consequence the Spanish contribution to the GBIF network surpasses 11.5 MILLION RECORDS. This has been possible thanks to the effort made by the institutions, projects and people involved. Thus, Spain is still one of the top ten countries in the world with the highest number of biodiversity records published. Data and their metadata are available through GBIF's data portals ( and

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January the 28th, 2016
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Grants to hire technicians issued by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness 2015

The Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has issued its 2015 call for grants to hire support technicians. These are grants up to 13.000 EUR per year (during a perios of three years) to co-fund hiring technicians in different post categories, always related to Research and Development (R&D), which include technicians working at herbariums and natural history collections.  

The deadline for submissions is February the 8th for technicians and February the 15th for institutions.

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