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The Global Biodiversity Facility GBIF is an inter-governmental organization borned in 2001 that currently comprises 53 governments and 43 international organizations. GBIF is a network of national nodes with an international mandate settled in Copenhagen. The main goal of GBIF is to provide free and open online access to global biodiversity data supporting at the same time scientific research, conservation and sustainable development. More information...

March 22nd, 2017
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Natusfera, the Spanish citizen science platform, available now on iOS

Natusfera, the citizen science platform to record, organize and share naturalistic observations that was launched in June 2016 it is now available on iOS. After the first few months of operation and web platform and the Android mobile application testing, Natusfera has already obtained over 7,000 naturalistic observations from 1,900 users. Having the app also available for iPhone users will make Natusfera increase the number of naturalistic observations and make it accessible to all users regardless of the Smartphone system or smart tablet they have. Natusfera is being promoted within the ECSA to be the reference platform for biodiversity monitoring in Europe. Natusfera for iPhone is available in Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Basque, English, French, Portuguese and Italian and can be downloaded at:

Natusfera is an adaptation of iNaturalist and it is jointly coordinated by CREAF, the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) and the Royal Botanic Garden (RJB-CSIC) through GBIF Spain, that are all of them are ECSA institutional members.
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March 15th, 2017
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GBIF's IPT will soon be publishing Species level information in Plinian Core format

It is already possible to publish species information through GBIF's Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) in test mode using the Plinian Core standard. By "species information" we refer to all kinds of properties and traits related to taxa (of any rank), including descriptions, nomenclature, conservation status, management, natural history, etc. This was possible thanks to the creation of a set of Plinian Core extensions registered through GBIF, so Plinan Core Terms can be embedded in Darwin Core Archives. We aim to manage the full integration in the IPT in production during 2017. The first dataset in Plinian Core format is available at This work was done in collaboration with ALA, the GBIF Secretariat and CSIC and was presented at the 2016 TDWG Conference during the poster session (

Furthermore, since the last TDWG Conference the developments of Plinian Core standard had been incorporated as a task of the Species Information Interest Group (

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March 7th, 2017
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GBIF.ES Workshop on Biodiversity data publishing and data papers

Subscription period is now open for the GBIF.ES Workshop on Biodiversity data publishing and data papers that will take place in April 26 - 28, 2017 in the computing facility of the Royal Botanic Garden (CSIC) of Madrid. This training event is directed to biologists, natural history curators and scientists who are actively involved in monitoring and managing biodiversity data. It aims to prepare participants to be able to prepare, use and publish biodiversity data through the GBIF network. Topics such as data quality, data cleaning and validation, data standardization and data publication through the Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) will be addressed. This workshop will also show how to convert descriptions of biodiversity data (metadata) into scientific journal articles (data papers).

This workshop is free. The subscription form is available online and must be submitted before March the 24th.

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February 1st, 2017
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GBIF Spain 2017 Training Plan

The Coordination Unit of the Spanish GBIF Node has published its 2017 ANNUAL TRAINING PLAN. This plan includes 9 courses/workshops on diverse subjects. The most successful courses are repeated in 2017 such as the Ecological Niche Modelling workshop or the Online Workshop on Data Recording for Technicians in Natural History Collections. We will organize a more detailed workshop on GIS: Using QGIS and CARTO to work with biodiversity records and two more courses focused on enhancing the importance of international and national GBIF data portals as GBIF Secretariat is planning to launch a new portal in 2017 and GBIF Spain is planning to implement species module in its own portal. Furthermore, we will look through relevant topics such as data quality, data use, data publication process and how to accomplish INSPIRE Directive in the following workshops: Online Workshop on Data Quality in biodiversity databases, Biodiversity data publishing in GBIF and data papers and Using GBIF to comply with INSPIRE Directives. More information...
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