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Here you can find a list of the different portals related to the Spanish GBIF initiative:


1.- GBIF Spain Communication Portal

This is the communication web site of the Spanish GBIF Node. All information about training activities, hosting services, software applications, funding advises, etc. is located here.


2.- GBIF Spain participants data portal

The Coordination Unit of the Spanish GBIF Node provides hosting services to integrate Spanish biodiversity data to the GBIF network. This biodiversity information can be visited online on the GBIF Spain data portal. Currently, GBIF Spain makes available more than 10 million records that come from 170 datasets. A few datasets from Cuba and Portugal are also hosted as a temporary solution whereas these countries develop functional GBIF Nodes.


3.- GBIF.ES IPT platform

The IPT of GBIF Spain is a platform designed to facilitate the biodiversity data publication process over the GBIF network. Data publication through the IPT of GBIF Spain allows uploading, standardization, publishing and registering primary data in 6 steps -avoiding either nagging installations or having to manage any other application. The IPT platform is administered by the Coordination Unit of GBIF Spain, though the published resources always keep the Entity or Organization owner’s name.


4.- GBIF Spain Biodiversity Images Portal (service is temporarily unavailable)

The Coordination Unit provides hosting and publishing service of high resolution biodiversity images only to those who are GBIF providers.


5.- GBIF International data portal mirror in Spain

It provides access to millions of data records shared via the GBIF Network. These data are generously made available through the GBIF network by a wide range of institutions and organisations from around the world. There are two types of data currently being shared through the GBIF Network: Species occurrence records (based on specimens and observations) - information about the occurrence of species at particular times and places; and Names and classifications of organisms - information on the names (both scientific and common) used for species and on the classification of those organisms into taxonomic hierarchies.


6.- Plinan Core (species data profile) development wiki

The Plinian Core is a set of concepts that defines the necessary basic attributes to integrate and recover the information about species of organisms required by users specialized in biodiversity as well as users of other areas. It is currently supported and developed by INBio of Costa Rica (mostly within the scope of IABIN), SiB Colombia and GBIF Spain.

URL: (mostly in Spanish)

7.- Natusfera

Natusfera is a web app which allows naturalists to publish and share their observations of nature, and it is also a searchable database which helps the user identify species.


8.- GBIF Spain registry of centers, collections, projects and datasets related to biodiversity

This registry compiles Natural History Colections and Spanish Projects that handle primary information on biodiversity as well as relevant Biodiversity Data Bases that may not belong to any colection.




Iberoamerican region covers a paramount diversity in organisms, ecological regions and genetic variants, including domesticated species of human importance. Besides, the region hosts a bunch of relevant scientific institutios and biological collections that play a central role in the preservation of the Iberoamerican biodiversity. In this context, La Red Latinoamericana para la Conservación y Digitalización de Colecciones Biológicas (RECIBIO) is created in 2005 thanks to the support of CYTED Network with the aim of creating a registry that compiles the Southametican biodiversity collections. It is currently represented by 14 Institutions, including GBIF.ES, from 9 countries.


ENBI, the European Network for Biodiversity Information, is a Thematic Network funded by the European Union for a period of three years. The Network began functioning in January 2003 with the aim of coordinating Europe's efforts in the broad field of biodiversity information, and providing an integrated contribution to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). Currently, the Network has sixty-six members, representing 24 countries, including national GBIF nodes, co-ordinating institutes of past and current EU projects relevant to Biodiversity Information, and other established and major research centres and private organisations involved in biodiversity information.



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