This is the first published database of Bathynellacea. It includes data of bathynellids (Crustacea, Bathynellacea) from the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Island collected along 64 years (1949 to 2013). The samples come from groundwater (caves, springs, wells and hyporrheic habitat associated rivers) from both sampling campaigns and occasional sampling conducted throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. The dataset lists ocurrence data of bathynellids distribution, sampling sites (with localities, county and geographic coordinates), taxonomic information (from family to species level) and sampling sources (collector and sampling dates) for all records. The data were compiled by A.I. Camacho (AIC) and come from own samples, literature and samples donated by several Spanish and foreign researchers which were studied by AIC. The descriptions of new species and species identifications have been carried out by an expert taxonomist (AIC) with 25 years experience in the bathynellids studies. Many of the sampling sites are type localities of endemic species from Iberian Peninsula. The data set includes 409 samples record corresponding to two families, 12 genera and 60 species, 42 of them formally described plus 18 taxa unpublished. This represents everything known for the study area, and nearly a quarter of all known species of Bathynellacea in the world. The main collectors are J. Notenboom & I. Meijers, R. Rouch et coll., A.I. Camacho et coll. (C. Puch, F. Molinero, A.G. Valdecasas, J. Rodriguez, members of G.E. Edelweiss and G. E. Bathynellidae).

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Crustacea, Malacostraca.

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Islas Baleares, Península Ibérica.

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