The IMEDEA-VERT collection is the set of current vertebrate specimens that are conserved in the IMEDEA. Dr. Josep Antoni Alcover began his creation with the aim of obtaining a reference osteological collection for the study of fossil vertebrates, as well as having the most complete representation possible of the vertebrate fauna of the Balearic Islands and its environment. Currently, the database contains more than 11,000 records, of which 70% are of mammals, 21% of birds and the rest of reptiles, amphibians and fish. The great majority of the specimens, many of which have been prepared in the IMEDEA, are complete or partial skeletons, all preserved in dry. In a smaller proportion, complete specimens are preserved in ethanol. They come from different sources: collections, donations and exchanges. Basically the copies come from the Balearic Islands.
Currently the IMEDEA-VERT collection is in full growth.

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The main objective of IMEDEA is improve knowledge in critical and strategic areas, as well as improving the life quality of European citizens, and in particular the population of the Balearic Islands. We aim to identify and elucidate the causes, mechanisms and impacts of antropogenic activities and Global Change that threaten marine, coastal and insular systems. We foster proactive, integrated and adaptive knowledge in support of prevention and mitigation of these impacts.


Vertebrate Fauna: Phyllum Chordata

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30 %

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