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Tinaut A, Sandoval Cortés P J, Aguayo Becerra D, Ruano Díaz F, Tierno de Figueroa J M (2022): Checklist of the arthropod fauna of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range (Almería and Granada, Spain). v2.6. Dept. of Zoology, Faculty of Science, University of Granada. Dataset/Checklist. https://doi.org/10.15470/nt5nsx.

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A través de internet https://www.gbif.org/es/dataset/515c1dc0-b712-4fff-bc40-2b2ef2f9ecb9.

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This dataset on the arthropod fauna of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range includes those arthropod species that have been recorded in this territory, as well as their corresponding genera, families, orders, and classes.

Geospatial coverage

This dataset covers the entire Sierra Nevada Mountain range, from east to west and from north to south, including the 44 municipalities that officially form part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Space, belonging to the provinces of Almería and Granada, from above 900 meters in altitude up to the high peaks. It also includes other localities which, without forming part of this protected area, are located on the slopes of this mountain.

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