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BASOINSA is an environmental consulting and services company founded in 1985 in the Basque Country (Spain) by various professionals with extensive and proven experience in the planning and management of natural resources, environment and support activities. The following fields of activity are the most relevant for Basoinsa since its creation: Landscape and natural space studies, Environmental Assessment, Territorial Planning, acoustic and atmospheric studies, Bioengineering, Environmental Surveillance, Environmental Geology and Environmental Inspection. The company employs a multidisciplinary staff of over 27 highly qualified professionals and makes use of the most advanced technologies in the sector. BASOINSA is dedicated to help our clients reach their goals, by providing them the best advice and the highest quality services possible in the environmental field. BASOINSA has always been committed to sustainability and delivering the highest quality service. This strong commitment made our company work for the most important companies. BASOINSA has also worked for a wide range of clients in the Public Sector: State, Regional and Local Administration, public companies and Technology Centres. BASOINSA’s workforce consists of highly skilled experts in: biology, geology, computer science, forestry engineering, agricultural engineering, environmental sciences, geography, occupational safety, It is our belief that the great variety and experience of our technical team is one of our major strengths.

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Environmental consulting and services company.


To fight against environmental issues, and the search for new solutions to tackle major environmental problems.

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