Business Association for Research of Marble, Stone and Materials Technology Centre (CTM) is located in Cehegín, in the northwest of the Region of Murcia (Spain). CTM was created in 1996 as a National Research Business Association to offer an enclave for the regional provision of services necessary for technological development and innovative companies in the sector of marble and stone and, since 2010, in the construction sector. With this aim, the CTM carries out different technological services and develops research projects, as well as training and dissemination tasks, in a wide range of knowledge areas. This is possible thanks to its multidisciplinary and high qualified staff: architects, biologists, chemists, engineers, geologists, computer scientist, etc. with the number of active workers currently standing at 22. The main areas of activity of the Centre are: – Training. – Technical Advisory. Research, Development and Innovation. – Environment. – Quality. Information and documentation. – Laboratory. – Architecture, sustainable construction and cultural heritage. – Industrial Safety. – Geology and Topology. – Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Overall information
  • Carrying out cooperative research and development (R&D) programmes, both with regard to manufacturing processes and to raw materials and finished products.
  • Provision of services, both in technical assistance and training.
  • Preparation and performance of quality control tests and analyses.
  • Preparation and implementation of measurement and control methods.
  • Promotion of technological training for companies and their staff.
  • Carrying out studies, reports, advice on standards and specifications in the sector, as well as on raw materials, automation and improvement of products and industrial processes.
  • Collaboration with other public or private, national and international organisations whose aims are similar to those of the Association.
  • Carrying out industrial design programmes in products and manufacturing processes, process quality and maintenance, with special emphasis on the use of solutions based on information technologies.
  • Compilation and dissemination of technological information, through bibliography, publications and information.
  • Direct provision of technological assistance to companies that require it.
  • Any other activity which, in the field of technology, contributes to the development and strengthening of the competitiveness of companies.
  • Non-destructive testing techniques.
  • Environment.
  • Nanotechnology.
  • Natural resources
  • Occupational health.
  • ICTs.
  • Industrial processes.
  • Machine vision.
  • Materials and construction.
  • Sustainable building.
  • Energy efficiency.