We are a non-profit association, whose objective is to bring citizens closer to biodiversity through the use of citizen science as a source of information for the dissemination of knowledge and the conservation of nature. We have a project called Biodiversidad Virtual, a computer platform that incorporates biodiversity data through georeferenced photography.

Overall information
  • a) Encourage the study of wild flora and fauna, as well as their habitats, as the main tool for the knowledge and defense of our BIODIVERSITY.
  • b) Create a social awareness of the importance of the CONSERVATION of nature.
  • c) Perform, organize and / or promote activities aimed at knowing our natural environment, always under the strictest ethical standards of respect for NATURE, respect that will be promoted both inside and outside the Association.
  • d) Collaborate with Scientific Entities, Ecological and Conservation Groups, Public Administrations, Educational Centers and Associations related to nature, either sharing data, exchanging experiences or reporting aggressions to the natural environment.
  • e) Use photography as a method of approaching the environment, being totally prohibited to capture any animal or pull out any type of plant.
  • f) Contribute to the photos and their corresponding quotations derived from our photographic activities to websites that facilitate the identification, determination, organization and dissemination of the results.
  • g) Attempt to repair and / or mitigate the repercussions of human activities on the environment.
  • a) Organize and / or promote conferences, exhibitions, courses, seminars, field trips and other activities that help to understand and / or disseminate knowledge of the natural environment and the defense of biodiversity.
  • b) Create and maintain a website that is the communication axis both internally and externally, with a calendar of activities and a system for disseminating the results derived from the activities carried out.
  • c) Develop an Ethics Committee to ensure the good name of the Association and the correct behavior of the associates.
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