The Directorate General for Environmental Policy and Natural Resources of the Government of Catalonia formulates the strategic planning on the biodiversity and natural environment policies in Catalonia, manages the system of protected natural areas and designs and directs the measures and actions in the field of flora and wildlife

Overall information

The conservation policies and all the actions developed by the Government, with the collaboration of research centers, universities and entities, have allowed, to date, to achieve many milestones for the benefit of the natural heritage and biodiversity that must be made available of the international scientific community and of the society in general.


a) Prepare guidelines related to biodiversity and environmental planning of the terrestrial and marine natural environment, develop the management of protected natural areas, and execute the plans and programs related to these matters, provided by sector regulations. b) Carry out the instruments of planning and integral management of the protected natural spaces, as well as the ecological connectivity and the protection of the habitats, the species, the geological patrimony and the promotion of the custody of the territory. c) Evaluate the degree of conservation and protection of biodiversity, the protected natural spaces and assume the restoration and improvement. d) Design and execute the deployment of the system of protected natural areas of Catalonia through the Plan of natural interest spaces and the Natura 2000 network and manage the information system on the natural environment and biodiversity. e) Apply the guidelines and policies and coordinate the Department's actions with the organisms and institutions involved in the field of wild species. f) Process the corresponding sanctioning procedures within the scope of their competences.

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