The Institute of Natural Resources and Land Planning (INDUROT) is a center of the University of Oviedo that was established in 1985 with the main purpose of promoting and developing scientific and technical research on land use planning, natural resources and the environment. INDUROT is known for an interdisciplinary approach, which promotes the common participation of professionals from different fields of experimental and social sciences, humanities and engineering.

Overall information

Since its origins, INDUROT has been a pioneer in the applied development of cartographic databases and in the use of geographic information systems (GIS), web mapping and remote sensing techniques. As a result, the Institute has extensive experience in the design of environmental and territorial planning instruments and in the development of territorial and natural risk analyses in environmental and socioeconomic terms. INDUROT's scientific-technical activity is encompassed within the University of Oviedo, often in collaboration with Public Administrations. Consequently, a large number of projects developed at INDUROT have had direct and measurable effects on regional and national policies currently being implemented in areas such as territorial planning, natural resource management, environmental policies, natural risks and sustainability.


Plant Conservation and Protected Areas; Wildlife Conservation and Management; Natural Resource Management and Spatial Planning; River and Coastal Geomorphology; Ecology and GIS analysis Statistics; Remote Sensing; Environmental Law; Environmental Geochemistry; Communication and Environmental Education; Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering.

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