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The CRF of INIA- CSIC is focus on the preservation and sustainable use of genetic diversity of landraces, crop wild relatives and other species, termes as Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (PGRFA), that are no-longer-used but which have an enormous genetic value to be uses for food and agriculture, making available the heritage of Spanish agrobiodiversity, which is key for Agofood Innovation as well as for the fulfillment of the environmental objectives of sustainable development, specifically SDG2 and SDG15.

Overall information

CRF objetives are: 1) Conservation of duplicates of the Spanish Collections Network. Base collection of seeds (article 50, a, Law 30/2006). 2) Management of the National Inventory and Documentation Center of the Network (article 50, b, Law 30/2006). 3) National and International Coordination (article 15 National Program RD199/2017). 4) Advice and monitoring of Action Plans (article 50, c, d Law 30/2006). 5) Conservation and Characterization of the Active Collection of Cereals and Legumes.


Conservation, Characterization, Evaluation, Rationalitation, Prospection and Collection and Documentation of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and Colection, Documentation.