The University of Huelva is a young university which aims to provide quality teaching and research, as well as promoting economic, environmental and cultural developments in the city and province. The research conducted by the University has a strong impact and directly benefits our community. The research developed in areas such as zoology, paleontology, botany, forestry, agricultural engineering, etc…. generates knowledge and many interesting information related to biodiversity. The University of Huelva is an institution fully aligned with the 2030 agenda and, therefore, committed to equality, equity and sustainability. Likewise, it is a University fully involved in the welfare of its territory through the establishment of synergies with its institutional, social and productive fabric.

Overall information

-Offering quality training -Providing qualified professionals (vocational training) -To carry out research of excellence -Provide social transformation -To guide and lead the economic, environmental and cultural development of the environment. -Generation and transmission of scientific, technical and humanistic knowledge.


Natural Resources Health and Environment, Technology, Energy and Sustainability, Sustainable Chemistry, Chemical Products and Process Technologies, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Historical, Cultural and Natural Heritage, Contemporary Thought and Innovation for Social Development