Regional capacity enhancement to Latin America by establishing Chile’s node

The project is part of the 2017 GBIF Capacity Enhancement Support Programme (CESP). It is aimed to strengthen national capacity of Chile to integrate and provide free access to information about its biodiversity. This will be achieved through exchanging experiences and trainings in the use of international standards, tools and protocols for publication of biodiversity data, in association with GBIF Colombia and GBIF Spain. The participation of Ecuador, Colombia, and Argentina will also strengthen data mobility in Latin America and will generate a highly specialized collaboration network in management of biological data.

Needs for capabilities that have been identified, have been addressed through the two following main activities:

  1. A visit to Technical Secretariat of Colombian Biodiversity Information System (SiB Colombia), along with GBIF Spain, will instruct the teams from Chilean and Ecuadorian Nodes in processing and publishing data. Activities in this visit will focus on learning and documenting the publication process in GBIF and on the learning and understanding of the national and regional strategies used by active nodes to carry out successful implementations in their countries.
  2. A regional workshop organized in Chile, with Ecuador as a guest country, addressed to data publishers, with the instruction of GBIF Spain, SIB Colombia, and GBIF Argentina, on issues of data publication and incentives to the publishers


Partner organizations

  • GBIF Chile
  • GBIF Spain
  • SiB Colombia
  • GBIF Argentina
  • GBIF Ecuador


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First work day in Bogota's meeting
Second work day in Bogota's meeting
Participants in Bogota's meeting
First work day in Chile's workshop (II)
First work day in Chile's workshop (I)
Dinamic survey addressed to the workshop's participants
Second work day in Chile's workshop
Anabela Plos (GBIF Argentina) and the IPT
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Participants in Chile's workshop