Strengthening Zimbabwe’s GBIF node through collaboration with GBIF Spain

This project was funded by the GBIF Capacity Enhancement Support Programme (CESP) in its 2019 call. It is aimed to strengthen the new node of GBIF Zimbabwe through node to node mentorship and capacity building of new data holders and users in Zimbabwe.

The project will be also useful to complement the recent effort of GBIF Zimbabwe for the formation of Steering and Technical committees that will be crucial in establishing successfully this node.

The main activities of this project will be:

  • Online discussions on GBIF Zimbabwe Strategic Plan with GBIF Spain.
  • Setting up the IPT of GBIF Zimbabwe through assistance from GBIF Spain.
  • Training of two staff members from GBIF Zimbabwe by GBIF Spain on the data publication workflow and citizen science engagement. More info
  • National training of new data-holding institutions in Zimbabwe on data mobilization by trainers trained by GBIF Spain and local partners. More info
  • National data access stakeholders training workshop with participation from GBIF Spain. More info
  • Publishing datasets of data providers in Zimbabwe through GBIF.

Project partners:

Project team:

  • Luke Jimu (GBIF Zimbabwe Node Manager. Department of Natural Resources. Bindura University of Science Education).
  • Innocent Wadzanayi Nyakudya (Dean, Faculty of Agriculture & Environmental Science. Bindura University of Science Education).
  • Cristina Villaverde (GBIF Spain Technical Coordinator. RJB-CSIC).
  • Katia Cezón (GBIF Spain Officer. RJB-CSIC).
  • Miguel Vega (GBIF Spain Officer. RJB-CSIC).
  • Carmen Lujano (GBIF Spain Officer. RJB-CSIC).
  • Felipe Castilla (GBIF Spain Officer. RJB-CSIC).


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Presentation of both nodes (Madrid, Sept. 2019)
Group pictures during day 1 (Madrid, Sept. 2019)
Working on tools for data cleaning and quality (Madrid, Sept. 2019)
Herbarium (Madrid, Sept. 2019)
Day 1 of workshop on Data Mobilisation (Harare, Jan. 2020)
Day 2 of workshop on Data Mobilisation (Harare, Jan. 2020)
Katia Cezón (GBIF.ES) explains taxonomical searches at (Bindura, Mar. 2020)
Teamwork about biodiversity data and decision-making (Bindura, Mar. 2020)
Role game on the use of GBIF-mediated data by environmental authorities (Bindura, Mar. 2020)
Group picture (Bindura, Mar. 2020)