Data Use for Decision Making Workshop: an Iberoamerican community call

This project was funded by the GBIF Capacity Enhancement Support Programme (CESP) in its 2019 call. It is aimed to bridge the gap between the scientific community and key environmental decision-makers in the Latin American region and Spain, such as ministries and local environmental authorities, national systems of protected areas and other environmental professionals. This would allow evidence-based biodiversity conservation decisions that can effectively influence the national and local governments policy, improving the overall biodiversity conservation actions and their impact in the region.

The main activities of this project will be:

  • Online discussions to design the regional workshop contents.
  • Review, adaptation, and translation of the existing materials from workshops organized by the BID Programme of GBIF.
  • Call and selection of workshop candidates.
  • Pre-workshop online activities.
  • Regional workshop on Data Use for Decision Making and its subsequent evaluation.

Project partners:


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