The catholic order «La Salle» has a group of museums of natural history. These museums possess interesting collections that they were formed during the first half of the twenty century. In great measure, these collections are integrated by specimens that different brothers of the community that worked in religious missions of very diverse countries contributed.
The collections of this Museum began in the first years of the XX century with the Herbarium of the Brother Bianor, eminent botanists, and a first collection of minerals of Majorca.
As in the other schools of the Order, collections of insects, birds, shells, fossils, plants and minerals are exhibited.

Información general

The main objective of these museums is the knowledge of Natural History by children and try to refelct the work of the León Bother.

Restricciones de uso

Scholar groups must come with teachers. Must not play and/or run in the museums.

Restricciones de acceso

Appointment is required

Cobertura taxonómica
Nombres comunes

algunos/as animales, algunos/as plantas.

Cobertura geoespacial

algunos/as Islas Baleares, principalmente Península Ibérica.

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