Loro Parque Foundation is a conservationist ONG and a foundation inscribed in the Protectorate of Foundations, Ministry of Education and Sciences of the Government of Spain.
MOTTO: To conserve the parrots and their habitats.
MISSION: To conserve the parrots and their habitats through environmental education, applied investigation, responsible breeding programs and activities of conservation in local communities where parrots live.
To improve the state of conservation of the endangered species of parrots and their habitats. To foment a collective conscience about the necessity of protecting the parrots and, in general, the biodiversity, as well as to strengthen cooperation nets and the operative capacity of the collaborators. To support and to collaborate in conservation activities with the aid and the participation of local communities. To organize educational programs of sustainable development that use the parrots like banners for the protection of the threatened ecosystems. To promote and to strengthen the potential of a responsible handling in captivity that includes the breeding and the well-being of the parrots like complementary tool of conservation, guaranteeing the existence of a viable population in captivity of those species endangered in the wildlife. To support and to carry out programs of applied reseach that allow to improve the knowledge on a wide range of aspects of the biology of parrots. To reduce the pressure that exercises the traffic of parrots in their wild populations, contributing to satisfy the demand from poultry farmers facilitating specimens breed in a sustainable way in captivity. To use parrots breed in captivity to generate economic resources that can be use to field conservation works, including programs of reintroduction.

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Ecology, conservation, diets and nutrition, illness, Ethology and reproductive biology of Psittaciforms.

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Not invasive researchs

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todo(s) Aves.

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todo(s) loros.

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todo(s) mundial.

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todo(s) taxón existente.

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