An association that join together amateurs and professionals in Palaeontology and Mineralogy. A museum of Paleontology manages by the associacion will be inaugurate in Elche soon. The funds of the future museum are the particular collections of the members of the Grupo Cultural Paleontológico.

Información general

1- Systematic studies of the geographical setting of Elche, 2- To restore fossils, 3- To organize permanent and temporal exposures with informative character, 4- Publication of woks related to Palaeontology from Elche area in an own review: "Cidaris"

Puntos fuertes

Taxonomical studies of fossil from the area of Elche

Restricciones de uso

The restrictions have been pointed out by The Conselleria de Cultura of the Generalitat of Valencia.

Restricciones de acceso

Expositions are free for the public

Cobertura taxonómica
Nombres científicos

algunos/as Protista.

Cobertura geoespacial

provincia de Albacete (España), principalmente provincia de Alicante (España), provincia de Murcia (España).

Localización temporal
Cobertura temporal

algunos/as Cenozoico, algunos/as Mesozoico, algunos/as Paleozoico.

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