The Botanical Garden of Córdoba is a public foundation negotiated by the City Council and the University of Córdoba. As institution dedicated to the study of plants, it develops several functions and projects guided to the conservation and cultural spreading of the nature. This institution has social, didactic and scientific functions through visits, educational programs, cultural acts, exhibitions, conferences, congresses, scientific and spreading publications, programs of conservation of phytogenetical andalusian resources and botanical research. So, the Botanical Garden of Córdoba has become an institution of wide social projection and remarkable prestige in its international sphere since May of 1987, the day of its inauguration.

Información general

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Puntos fuertes

1- Management of the Biodiversity and sustainable use of the phytogenetical resources, 2- Biology of the conservation, 3- Ethnobotany, 4- Palaeobotany, 5- History of the gardening and ornamental species.

Restricciones de uso

The general public must not visit the bank of germ-plasm, the herbarium and the laboratory of cultures "in vitro".

Restricciones de acceso

Ticket is necessary by general public. Previous appointmet is required by researchers.

Cobertura Taxonómica
Nombres Comunes

principalmente plantas.

Cobertura Geoespacial

principalmente Andalucía (España), algunos/as Islas Canarias (España), algunos/as resto de la Península Ibérica, algunos/as resto del mundo.

Localización Temporal
Cobertura Temporal

algunos/as Cenozoico, algunos/as Mesozoico, algunos/as Paleozoico, principalmente taxón existente.

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