This historical garden been founded in 1788 and has 2 hectares of surface (historical enclosure) and 4 of enlargement, 3 of them in works for opening to the public. It exhibits collections of tropical and subtropical flora from all the world, with more of 2000 species in cultivation. The collections of palms and Bromeliaceae are remarkable. Recent installations for the Herbarium (about 40.000 sheets and thousands of specimens) as well as of the library with a collection of old books related with the flora of Canary Islands have been open to researchers in Botany.

1- Exhibition to the public for spreading the Botany. 2- Collaboration with other departments of the ICIA (Canarian Institute of Agricultural Researchs). 3- International exchanges of seeds. 4 – Service of loans and studies of herbaria. 5- Amplification of collections of tropical and subtropical american flora. 6- Installation of a representative collection of the flora of the Orotava valley. 7- Increase of collection of palms.

1- Studies about macaronesic and african flora. 2- Taxonomy and molecular biology (origin and evolution of the macaronesic flora). 3- Collaboration in studies about fodder resources of Canary Islands.

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Restricciones de uso

Herbarium only for researchers

Restricciones de acceso

The garden is partially open to the public.

Cobertura taxonómica
Nombres comunes

principalmente plantas.

Cobertura geoespacial

algunos/as África del Norte, principalmente Islas Canarias (España).

Localización temporal
Cobertura temporal

todo(s) taxón existente.

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