Universitarial Department where the MAF Herbarium is included. This Herbarium is a collections of reference of vascular plants and lichens with more than 160000 sheets. It stored historical and Neotropical collections and maintains dynamic relationships with the main centers and reference collections around the Wolrd.

Strengh: 1- Systematic and Filogeny of vascular plants, mushrooms and lichens, 2- Molecular evolution and Filogeny of vascular plants and lichenized mushrooms, 3- Bioclimatology and Biogeography, 4- Fitosociology and Cartography of the Vegetation, 5- Ecophysiology, 6- Palynology, 7- Mineral nutrition: application to the medicinal plants, 8- Under stress conditions plant physiology, 9- Physiology and technology of seeds.

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Teaching and scientific research

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Free for Botanists and scientific researchers

Cobertura Taxonómica
Nombres Científicos

algunos/as Protista.

Nombres Comunes

algunos/as hongos, algunos/as líquenes, algunos/as macroalgas, principalmente plantas, setas.

Cobertura Geoespacial

principalmente Península Ibérica, algunos/as resto del mundo.

Localización Temporal
Cobertura Temporal

todo(s) taxón existente.

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