The Vigo-Zoo is a zoological institution that nowadays shows around 350 specimens of different species. It also has a deparment of education and a planetarium. The gardens of the zoo present a interesting vegetation with tall trees.

Información general

1- Biodiversity, 2- Preservation of species threatened of extinction, 3- environmental education

Puntos fuertes

Agreement with the universities of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela, the astronomical association "Galilaeo Galilei" and the faculties of Veterinary of Lugo and León to research with the specimens of the Zoo, have been signed.

Restricciones de uso

For researches, previous appointment is required.

Restricciones de acceso

Tickets are necessary for the general public.

Cobertura Taxonómica
Nombres Científicos

algunos/as Aves, algunos/as Mammalia, algunos/as Osteichthyes, algunos/as Reptilia.

Nombres Comunes

algunos/as aves, algunos/as mamíferos, algunos/as peces.

Cobertura Geoespacial

todo(s) mundial.

Localización Temporal
Cobertura Temporal

todo(s) taxón existente.

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