The Zoo of Fuengirola is a thematic zoological park, specialized in recreating ecosystems of the tropical rain forests. Nowadays, the areas of Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeastern Asia have been developed. In a future, the Neotropic will incorporate. The animal collection is select, not very frequent in captivity, and it hopes to cover a great taxonomical spectrum. The Zoo of Fuengirola is negotiated by a private company whose source of incomes is the sale of tickets.

Información general
Puntos fuertes

1- Ethology, 2- Zootechnics (manipulation of animals in captivity), 3- Study of systems of treating of waters in closed circuits of enclosures of animals.

Restricciones de uso

Research must not affect nor animals nor works of the employees nor usual activities of the Zoo.

Restricciones de acceso

Application guaranteed by an official center is required.

Cobertura taxonómica
Nombres comunes

todo(s) animales.

Cobertura geoespacial

algunos/as África Ecuatorial, algunos/as Madagascar, algunos/as sudeste asiático.

Localización temporal
Cobertura temporal

todo(s) taxón existente.

Recursos de la colección
Colecciones y bases de datos albergadas