Our main goal is to support the engagement of the Spanish community in the GBIF network by providing the following services.

Data publication service (IPT platform)

Data access and data download service

Software development on data management and validation, and support to users from these applications

Workshops and training

Access to biodiversity data (just in Spanish)

Through the Data Portal of GBIF.ES we offer a service of visualization, queries, analysis and download of biodiversity data provided by Spanish participants in the GBIF network. The portal uses technology from the Australian Node of GBIF, Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) (http://www.ala.org.au/). We also provide consultancy for the implementation of data mini-portals (hubs) on institutional websites using this system.

Access to data

Data publication

We also facilitate the process of biodiversity data publication on the GBIF network by using the IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit) provided by GBIF Spain (http://ipt.gbif.es/). All the published resources conserve the name of the publishing entity.

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Software development

We develop free access software to facilitate the addition of data to GBIF. We mainly develop tools for the management of collections of natural history (Elysia) and for data validation using the Darwin Core format (Darwin Test).



We organize face-to-face and online training in order to make the most of a global facility as GBIF.


Support to users

We support users with the management, publication, consultancy, and usage of biodiversity data. We also offer support for the use of the software developed by the Coordination Unit and we give advice regarding database migrations and data recovery from outdated platforms.