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data quality and publication

VertNet Darwin Core Data Migrator toolkit

General toolkit for working with VertNet data. We call these data "migrators." Once customized to an original data source, it converts the original data into Darwin Core ready for upload to an Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) resource.
data quality and publication

Checklist recipe

This checklist recipe contains all the ingredients to make your data standardization open, repeatable, customizable and documented. The core functionality is an R Markdown file that makes use of the widely adopted tidyverse R packages to automatically transform a source data file to a Darwin Core checklist. Any user with a basic knowledge of R can customize the code to their own needs and explain specific data mapping decisions. In combination, this makes the standardization process repeatable and transparent.

The recipe is based on the experience we gained by publishing checklist data for the TrIAS project. We hope it helps you standardize and publish your own checklist.
quality, standardization

GBIF.ES Name Parser

This tool is a simple app, based in MS. Access databases useful to parse scientific names in their basic components: genus, species, author and year. This information is recommended by GBIF to be included when mobilizing data through this network.
IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit)
data quality and publication, standardization

IPT (Integrated Publishing Toolkit)

A free open-source software tool used to publish and share biodiversity datasets through the GBIF network.


GEOLocate based web services for georeferencing were introduced in 2005. These services enable software developers to integrate georeferencing directly in their databases and applications.
coordinate conversion, georeferencing

Canadensys coordinate converter

This tool is useful to convert geographic coordinates from sexagesimal degrees (eg.: 45°32'25"N, 129°40'31"W) to decimal degrees (eg.: 45.5402778, -129.6752778).
detection tools


Una interesante alternativa a Diva GIS, que resulta más generalista, no tan enfocada a biología, pero que posee código abierto, disponibilidad para trabajar en múltiples plataformas (Windows, Mac, Linux), es desarrollada continuamente de manera muy rápida y muy eficaz y presenta un sistema de complementos muy interesante.
detection tools

Google Fusion Tables

No es una herramienta de calidad de los datos en sí misma pero algunas de sus funcionalidades pueden realizar una evaluación sencilla de la calidad de los datos:

  • Permite la creación simple de mapas (o gráficos) a partir de datos tabulares.
  • Alojamiento sencillo
  • Permite compartir en línea
  • Geocodificación
  • ...
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