The management of natural areas services of the Barcelona Provincial Council manages a Network of Natural Parks that is formed by 12 natural spaces of high landscape, ecological and cultural value in the province of Barcelona. This network occupies 102,587 hectares of 100 municipalities, which represent 22% of the territory of the province and where 70% of the population of Catalonia resides. The management of natural parks includes the conservation of biodiversity, the promotion of sustainable socioeconomic development and environmental education. To comply with these objectives, the Barcelona Provincial Council collaborates with universities, research centers and conservation organizations in the study of natural heritage. Throughout 40 years of management, a large number of observations of fauna and flora have been compiled, the result of specific works and monitoring networks, which are made available to the international scientific community and citizens in general.

Overall information

The Barcelona Provincial Council is a local government institution that promotes the progress and well-being of the citizens of its territorial area: the province of Barcelona -311 municipalities in the network-. Acts directly providing services and, above all, in cooperation with the municipalities. In relation to the Network of Natural Parks, the main objectives are the conservation of biodiversity, the promotion of sustainable socioeconomic development, and environmental education.


Studies and data collection for the management and conservation of the natural heritage of the network of parks and the rest of the province.

Collections and databases hosted