The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) is established by Royal Decree 2/2020 of 12 January (BOE 13 January 2020), which restructures the ministerial departments, being in charge of proposing and executing the Government’s policy on agricultural, livestock and fisheries resources, agri-food industry and food.

Overall information

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food is in charge of: - The drafting of Spanish legislation on agricultural, fishing and food matters; - The proposal and implementation of the Government's general guidelines on agricultural, fisheries and food policy; - Representing the State in the international fora corresponding to these matters; - The coordination of actions, cooperation and agreement in the design and application of all policies that affect the competences of the Autonomous Communities and other public administrations, encouraging their participation through the appropriate cooperation bodies and instruments. - In particular, the carrying out of the actions above described in matters of conservation, selection, improvement, reproduction and genetic material of plant species, as well as ensuring the protection, conservation, sustainable use and dissemination of the genetic heritage of plant genetic resources for agriculture and food.


All those related to the objectives of the Ministry. In particular: identification and in situ conservation of the Wild Relatives Crops and Plants Sustainable use of wild relative crops and wild food plants.