The Sierra Nevada Global-Change Observatory is an institutional initiative of collaboration between the University of Granada and the Department of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy of the Andalusian Regional Government to develop an ecological long-term monitoring programme. This joint effort has allowed the consolidation since 2008 of a long-term monitoring program to evaluate the impacts of global change on the ecosystems of the Sierra Nevada, with the aim of transferring this scientific knowledge to management and society. In addition to these monitoring protocols, the Observatory compile other relevant information on the Sierra Nevada obtained by scientists from the University of Granada and other institutions.

Overall information

The main objectives of the Sierra Nevada Global-Change Observatory are: - Diagnose the degree of exposure of the Sierra Nevada ecosystems to the impacts of global change and promote the resilience and adaptation of ecosystems through appropriate management measures. - To compile and enhance the value of existing scientific and technical environmental information on the Sierra Nevada.


Monitoring the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada in a context of global change.