The laboratories of the Departament de Ciènces Ambientals belong to the University of Girona (Catalonia). It has an important herbarium that was recentely created by Dr. Lluís Polo in 1976. Nowadays, this herbarium has two collections: vascular plants and seaweeds. Specimens in the collection: about 16000 sheets of vascular plants and 4000 seaweeds.

Overall information

To have a reference collection of vegetal species, mainly from Catalonia.


Taxonomy of vascular plants from Catalonia and bentonic seaweeds from western Mediterranean area.

Access restrictions

Appointment is required

Taxonomic coverage
Scientific names

algunos/as Chlorophyta, algunos/as Coniferophyta, algunos/as Equisetopsida, algunos/as Lycophyta, algunos/as Magnoliophyta, algunos/as Phaeophyta, algunos/as Pteridophyta, algunos/as Rhodophyta.

Common names

algunos/as Angiospermas, algunos/as cola de caballo, algunos/as gimnospermas, algunos/as helechos, algunos/as licopodios, algunos/as macroalgas.

Geospatial coverage

principalmente Cataluña (España), algunos/as Mediterráneo Occidental, algunos/as Océano Atlántico.

Temporal location
Temporal coverage

todo(s) taxón existente.

Resources from the collection