The Department of Plant Biology of the University of Murcia has the function of teach Plant Biology (Plant physiology and Biology, Botany) to the students of Biology of the University of Murcia. Its herbarium has an excelent collection to students and scientific researchs.

Overall information

1- Teaching, 2- Botanical research.


Plant Taxonomy

Usage restrictions

Free for botanical researches and doctoral students, other users have to justify their interests in the visit.

Access restrictions

Due to the educational function of the Department it is absolutely necessary to make an appointment with the director.

Taxonomic coverage
Scientific names

algunos/as Protista.

Common names

algunos/as macroalgas, principalmente plantas.

Geospatial coverage

todo(s) mundial.

Temporal location
Temporal coverage

todo(s) taxón existente.

Resources from the collection
Collections and databases hosted