The Center of Applied Algology is an applied research center funded by the Technological Institute of the Canaries and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Nowadays, It depends on the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The objectives of the Center of Applied Algology are focused on the development of marine agronomy and biotechnology (cultivation of valuable plants, mainly micro- and macroalgae, in brackish and marine waters) through research (I+D research projects and collaboration with private sector companies), training, consultancy and technical services, as well as technical formation and universitarial teaching.

Purpose: 1- To promote development of waters and combustion of gases biofiltering in the field of macroalga, microalga and cyanobacteria application. 2- To assure the preservation of macroalga, microalga and cyanobacteria biodiversity in the Canary Islands. 3- To serve as authority of deposit of microorganisms. 4- To support and to advise to companies. 5- To form technicians.

Strength: 1- Biofiltering of waters. 2- Integral polyculture of fishes and macroalgse for the biofiltering of the waters of fish farm rejection. 3- To use of the biomass (e.g.: production of agricultural biofertilizing). 4- Thalasotherapy and hydrotherapy. 5- Collection of alga culture, especially of Canary Islands and Macaronesic region. 6- Application of the cytometry of flow to the control of microalga culture. 7- Production and detection of metabolits of industrial interest. 8- Evaluation of ecotoxicity.

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Cobertura taxonómica
Nombres científicos

algunos/as Chlorophyta, algunos/as Cyanophyta, algunos/as Rhodophyta.

Nombres comunes

algunos/as cianobacterias, algunos/as macroalgas.

Cobertura geoespacial

principalmente Islas Canarias (España), algunos/as región Macaronésica.

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Cobertura temporal

todo(s) taxón existente.

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