The Institute is integrated by a staff of 20 persons: researchers, a curator, a restorer and personal of support (administration, field and maintenance technicians and porters). It central headquarters is in Sabadell and it possesses annexes in Can Llobateres and Castell de Barberà.

Información general

Research, preservation and spreading of fossil vertebrates.

Puntos fuertes

1- Primate and human evolution, 2- analysis of continental cenozoic ecosystems, 3- Mesozoic palaeoherpetology, 4- Continental Cenozoic biostratigraphy.

Restricciones de acceso

No restrictions

Cobertura taxonómica
Nombres científicos

algunos/as Invertebrata, principalmente Vertebrata.

Nombres comunes

algunos/as invertebrados, algunos/as plantas, principalmente vertebrados.

Cobertura geoespacial

todo(s) Península Ibérica.

Localización temporal
Cobertura temporal

principalmente Cenozoico, algunos/as Mesozoico.

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